“Dancing In Your Blue – The Remixes” – released today!

dancing with text

The first ever Jeremy Gloff remix album is available today on CDbaby.com for $4.99.  Click here to buy it!  The album featuring six remixes of my 2006 song “Dancing In Your Blue” – along with various other remixes and bonus tracks.  The album is also available on iTunes for $9.99

For the full story of the album, the tracklist, and the credits click here.

New Essay Online

New York State Thruway - Exit 59 Fredonia

Check out “What Would It Have Been Like Had I Been Loved There?” – the essay I wrote for “STORY TIME: Shot Through the Heart II – Tales of love, heartbreak and humiliation for Valentine’s Day.”  Sometimes one can’t help but stop dead in their tracks and wonder…what if?

Booty On Wednesday – Boobies On Saturday

It’s going to be a great great week.  This Wednesday I will be returning to my beloved Czar to be one of the judges at the 4th Annual Dre Day Booty Shaking Contest.  After years of…uh…unleashing my inner Carmen Electra…I know a good booty when I see one.  I am ready for this jelly.  May the best rump win.  For info about Dre. Day check out the invite here


And then as you all know, I’ll be hosting and performing at PINK IT UP 4: SKA BANDS AND FANS AGAINST BREAST CANCER.  This will be taking place on Saturday February 23rd at Market on 7th in Ybor City.  For more info about this great event click here.


Well we have the booty covered on Wednesday and we’re saving boobies on Saturday.  Maybe next week we can….oh nevermind.

Saving breasts is next on my to-do list

Coming up next…

I will be hosting and performing a set at PINK IT UP 4: SKA BANDS & FANS AGAINST BREAST CANCER.  I am not a ska performer and I don’t have breasts, but my friends put on this event and I’m happy to be a part of it.  It’s a cause I strongly believe in.  The event is Saturday, February 23rd at Market on 7th in Ybor City.  Further details can be found if you go to the Facebook event invite here.


Thursday I will be making my reading debut.


I have just completed my piece that I will be reading at STORY TIME: Shot Through the Heart II – Tales of love, heartbreak and humiliation for Valentine’s Day.  It is called “What Would It Have Been Like Had I Been Loved There?”  I look forward to sharing this with an audience.

more information about the event:
Thursday, Feb. 7, 7-9 p.m.
CL Space, 1911 N. 13th St. #W-200, Ybor City

Featuring words by:
Arielle Stevenson, Creative Loafing Assistant Editor
Bob Devin Jones, Studio@620 Artistic and Executive Director
Tiffany Razzano, CLGBT site editor
Michael Kruse, Tampa Bay Times staff writer
Jeremy Gloff, Tampa-based singer-songwriter
Julie Garisto, Creative Loafing A&E Editor

Music by
DJ Main Squeeze (Arielle Stevenson)

Chocolate by
William Dean Chocolates
For the Facebook invite click here.

Can I go to sleep now?

I can’t believe I did it!  The album took a year and the website took a month – and they are both finished within twenty four hours of each other.  Enjoy the new site.  I’m going to bed.


Happy Birthday


I celebrated my 38th birthday this year by performing at The Venture Compound in St Pete along with many of my friends.  It’s my first performance in a year, after taking a year away from music.  I debuted five songs from my forthcoming album:

“Where Is The Love”
“Paper Towel”
“Don’t You Run Away”
“Dear Dad”

The greatest gift this birthday was getting to be around my closest friends – and getting the chance to use my voice again – and being around people who “got it”.  This year is off a fantastic start indeed.


New website and music coming next year.