Review of ‘Burn It Up! Turn It Up!’ by Steph Feeney

Steph has been a listener and supporter of my music for many many years. She took the time out of her life to give a detailed track-by-track review of my latest album ‘Burn It Up! Turn It Up!’ and I wanted to share!

With the Covid-19 pandemic going on the last couple years now, it would appear there is some anger, frustration built up in some of these songs…and frankly that’s fine by me. I’ve found myself being more angry and pissed off with the world more than I ever have been in my life and I’ve found myself becoming more and more less tolerant of people and their shit. 

With the first track, “Just Right” oozes that early 90s pop/club vibe and as someone who is constantly made to feel like a black sheep – ever the good friend Jeremy is expresses that you’re “just right” the way you are and if anyone takes issues with you being you – take a hike. Goodbye. 

The second track “Going Downtown”, again taps into the everyday crap of the world. You turn on the news and it’s the same fucking bullshit – nothing is ever new and the world is such a mess – what’s the price of your life? Honestly – I don’t know how many times I’ve asked that question with all these idiots around being so irresponsible with the pandemic. Jeremy says going downtown can change the world, my downtown is “screw this, where is Alexa for our Walk N’ Roll?” 

“Patriot Gaymes” talks about how you shouldn’t judge someone based on gender identity or skin colour. We shouldn’t be doing that in this day and age where it’s more accepting to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, pansexual etc, and for skin colour I always say and I’ll scream it loud – WE ALL BLEED THE SAME COLOURED BLOOD IF YOU CUT US ALL OPEN. We all live in one world together, we should be uniting and supporting each other – not being so divided over petty garbage and stuff that’s not everyone’s business.

In “Fill Your Glass” I kind of get thrown back to the anger I feel about my former friend. “Liar Liar pants on fire, you’re no friend you’re a gas lighter.” Ain’t that the truth! Then a few bars later, “I’m angry, you betrayed me”. It’s been 3 years since that stuff happened, but you can’t help but get angry and feel like you know what bitch, I didn’t deserve that shit and I definitely have better friends than you. Bye, Meglicia. 

Oh my God, not gonna lie – I hate the word Bae with a passion however, Jeremy using it in a song is probably the only way I can accept it. Haha. But essentially – this song talks about the longing of the world to be normal again and being able to go out freely and do whatever with whomever without having to distance yourself from people who mean most to you. 

In a world where you can laugh, hug, shake hands and dance together without the paranoia of “oh shit, I just shook hands with them I hope I didn’t expose them to someone with covid” or “I had fun dancing with them last night, I hope they didn’t sweat too much on me!” Crazy sad world we live in right now, folks. 

“Ain’t Nobody I’ve Met Yet” talks about how you haven’t found that person to spend your life with. But it’s not that kind of “woe-is-me no one loves me” kind of songs. It’s more a tongue and cheek approach to it. Not gonna lie my favourite part is the Spice Girl “zig-ga-zig-ga” reference. I thought I was going to fall over with laughter when I heard that. LOL!!!

I’m not sure why but with “No Instant Gratification” has me getting Madonna “American Life” era vibes. You know that fun rap in American Life that the media criticized Madonna for but it was actually quite campy and fun? That’s what I think listening to this song. 

“I Got This” is a middle finger, stick your tongue out at society track. Bottom line – if anyone has wronged you in anyway….foward this song to them and then well…block them. From everything.

When listening to “Broken Doll Collection” I got transported back to the 90s. It had me thinking of times gone by and how so much has changed. I found myself almost filming a video in my brain for this one, and thinking about seeing it on old music stations that have sadly become extinct. 

“The Latch Off The Door” basically speaks about lost love and how you put everything into someone but end up having a machete tearing up your heart…and that person has essentially moved on like everything between you was nothing special. You want to be happy for them and their new life and relationship, but at the same time you need closure and find yourself still carrying that hurt for years long after. 

I think “Daddy’s Money” could very well be my favourite song off “Burn It Up Turn It Up!”. Jeremy talks about his father and uses his music to find peace in the loss. Such a heartfelt track. 

“Americaddicted” is a rather dark song about people being addicted to various drugs and how it kills so many people.  It’s never nice seeing or hearing about someone losing their lives to drugs but sadly it is a problem that doesn’t get much attention so kudos for Jeremy for bringing light to the subject. Way too often you hear in the news about someone dying from an overdose on something and you can’t help but wonder – what if people had done something? What if someone had just made the call to get someone some help? The ending with the life support going off really hits the core of the listener. 

Lastly “Feed The World Together” to me is like Jeremy’s personal “Tears Are Not Enough” or “We Are The World” or “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” – let’s just come together, help each other rather than bring each other down. Let’s not be divided by petty shit. Stop with the riots and the craziness. 

“Burn It Up! Turn It Up!” was a very collaborative album, and each artist Jeremy worked with was top notch. I find “Burn It Up! Turn It Up!” to be some what angry album at times, but also emotional in the aspects of longing, hope and heartache. I also found it at times playfully cocky – but more in a way where it’s “two middle fingers to assholes cocky”. However “Burn It Up! Turn It Up!” caps off with a more serious note of hoping for peace and how the world needs to calm the fuck down. 

I’ve been so secluded from a lot of people the last year and a half. I’ve found myself angry, frustrated, lots of hurt and sadness in my heart and I feel like this album acculminated all those feelings and emotions. Thank you Jeremy for making this awesome album. I feel like I should be paying you for being a therapist for me. Hahahaha.