Vopen Mic/Phonogenics 101 Facebook Groups

Hello friends! I have created Facebook groups to supplement two of my creative projects. Please join one (or both) if you care to participate or be involved!

Performers, creatives, musicians, poets, film makers, authors, videographers etc etc – show your work on my monthly Vopen Mic (virtual open mic). I created this community for participants to share their work and to connect between events. I will also be posting my sign up list for my monthly event in here. All are welcome as long as you are respectful. Join this group here:

If you participate in one of my weekly Phonogenics 101 album discussion podcasts – I created a group to post supplemental material that’s brought up during the podcasts. This is also a space if you just love music in general and want to discuss music-related stuff. All are welcome as long as you are respectful . To join this group go here:


Later this year I will be releasing my 23rd album which will be titled “BURN IT UP! TURN IT UP!”

The album will feature collaborations with over twenty different talented friends – relationships that span from my childhood and formative years in Western New York to my great fortune in the Tampa music scene over two decades, right up to some talented folks I now work alongside with at Feeding Tampa Bay.

A friend listened and said that this is my hip hop album. I see this as my reaction album. Parts of America burned and crumbled. So did pieces of myself. Do we turn into ashes or build back better?

Hypocrisy. Addiction. Low self esteem. Bigotry. Systemic oppression. BURN IT UP!

Strength. Hope. Truth. Justified anger. Healing. TURN IT UP!

Let’s make a date to meet on a stage somewhere, somehow in the future and once again rage together.
“BURN IT UP! TURN IT UP!” coming later this year.
For updates and to support this project even at $1 a month become at Jeremy Gloff Patron at:

Phonogenics 101: Episode One

On episode one of my new web series “Phonogenics 101” we discussed the Go Go’s iconic debut album “Beauty And The Beat” track by track.

Listeners share their thoughts on my album ‘The Box’

I knew when I was writing and releasing my album The Box I was on a different journey than my last few albums. Borne out of the deaths of my father and step-father, as well as various long drives on the East coast – I found myself in a creative space very similar to the albums I made in the early/mid 90s.

When people started writing to me about what this album meant to them I was moved and relieved.  I am confident that I can always work a crowd with a good raucous bop.  To be back in a space of lo-fi self-reflection felt risky at best.

I am so appreciate of people sharing their stories of what this record means to them.  Here is a collection of some of those stories.  If you have any you’d like to share feel free to send them in and I will add them.

To read the stories click here.